I'm the Chief Tasting Officer

Yep, that's me in the photo.  I thought I would take a moment and introduce myself.  I'm Sheldon.  Yes, I'm a Cockapoo. More importantly, I am the new Chief Tasting Officer at My Dog Bake Shop!

What does this really mean?  Well, I have a sensitive stomach (you'll learn more about that in later posts) and I require special food from my Vet (she's really cool, I'll blog about her too).  But I love to snack, so my parents acquired My Dog Bake Shop so that I could enjoy all-natural, healthy treats that support my required diet and active lifestyle.  They love dogs and are just cool humans (at least I think so). 

As Chief Tasting Officer, I take my job really seriously.  I sniff, smell, beg and taste treats to make sure that my fellow dog customers will love them.  I wish I could eat all of the treats, but my parents monitor my intake since I lack control.

I'm looking forward to sharing my tails, I mean tales, with all of you.

Woof Woof,


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