About Us

My Dog Bake Shop was founded in 2015 on the principle that more treat options need to be tailored to each breed's specific needs, and accommodate important dog health considerations.

We feature exclusive, hand-crafted, natural, healthy dog treats which were designed by dog nutritionist and treat chef, Kimberly Langston.

Our breed specific treats take into consideration the taste preferences, nutritional needs, and lifestyle factors that are specific to each dog breed, and act as a beneficial treat component of their diet. Each of our breed specific treats were formulated over months of taste-testing at local shelters to determine which flavors were most favorable by breed, and the ingredients in each treat were selected to promote overall well-being.

We hope that you will share our deep love for doggies, and our tasty treats with all the little pups, four-legged friends, and old dogs in your life.

Woof Woof!